Is It Necessary To Hire A Professional Real Estate Photographer Rather Than Managing It On Your Own?

We get this question all the time. Why can’t I take the real estate photo myself?  Is there a need for Real Estate Photographers? In today’s world, we all carry the greatest smartphone, and the latest iPhone or any phone for that matter comes with multiple lenses, high dynamic range, portability, images are ready in seconds and the advantages are insane.

Anyone who would say otherwise will sound like they are trying to push their services. Yeah right. We totally get it.

But imagine the downside of shooting a property photo by yourself.

Below are a very few, and I hope this would give you some food for thought.

  • Listing a property for the seller who totally believes in a realtor is serious business. And it all begins with showing that you have the best interest for them. Hiring a professional photographer and presenting the property at it’s very best leaves a great impression on you as a realtor.
  • True, you can use your smartphone to get some really good pictures. But it’s extremely subjective, and there is no way the smartphone photos can beat what the professional camera can achieve. You bet, many might disagree on this, but hey, I use my smartphone most of the time, but I don’t when It’s serious business. But I’ll tell you one thing though, Smartphone can get you some great depth of field photos, and if you’re an interior designer who wants detailed shots, this would be a perfect start.
  • Smartphone photos can shoot HDR, but the dynamic range is less, and not good enough to compare with the DSLR hdr photos even if you do everything in auto mode.
  • Flambient. If this is the first time you’re hearing this term, in simple words it’s a blend of photos shot with portable flash and ambient light, and blend them together in photoshop will get the most realistic photos of the property. This would be not viable with the smartphone. And flambient technique is used when the subject has lots of outdoor and indoor lights mixed up with contrast spots. At Charlottepixels, we use it on demand to ensure we deliver the best photos for your real estate photography needs.
  • Last but not least, your brand. As a realtor, you have your own brand, style, how people see your success. By using a professional photographer in real estate, you’ll be seen as a serious realtor who cares for the seller and you mean business. And most importantly, all your listing photos will have a consistent look, and that matters for anyone who is after professional real estate photography for their clients.

Below I will be comparing the same subject shot in iPhone regular photo, iPhone HDR, DSLR single exposure photo, 3 exposure HDR blend, and Flambient. Stay tuned.