Real Estate Photography for Fully Staged House in Indianland SC for Short Term Rental

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This is for a new client who has been doing Airbnb since the first 50’s listings in the Charlotte area. Although the distance is something that was difficult to accommodate, the love for taking real estate photos pushed me to make it happen.

“It was beautifully staged home, and the client worked really hard to ensure the place was ready for the shoot

I love when clients really are 100% ready for real estate photos. Making small adjustments here and there happens all the time, but at times if the place is not ready, and as a real estate photographer I can’t do much about rearranging everything, it’s kinda difficult for everyone to get what they want.

I always appreciate and be happy for both of us to get the photos done right.

Nowadays to make the download and upload process easier, I deliver the full resolution, and also the 2400px long edge resolution for my clients.

There are horror stories that some clients end up downloading thumbnails and assuming the photos are not the right resolution.

To save the pain for everyone, I always recommend my clients to upload the 2400px for the websites whether it’s MLS or any rental portal.

Looking for a place to stay for a few months in Charlotte? You can reach out to Ashley @ [email protected] 


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