Modern Airbnb Bungalow Photography in South End Charlotte

When it comes to booking accommodation for your next vacation, there is no better option than Airbnb. There are so many options to chose from. In Charlotte south end, I had the pleasure to take photos of this stunning modern bungalow exclusively renovated and setup for the Airbnb.

This 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom will wow you the moment you walk in with it’s beautifully decorated interior and furniture. LED lights are more popular these days, but this airbnb host exactly knows how to take advantage of that to add a modern touch that compliments the space.

The high ceiling, furnishings, open floor plan, front elevation, bathrooms, wood work, on and on, you just can’t stop witnessing all the unique touches that was created thoughtfully for the best airbnb experience. If you are looking for a cozy modern bungalow near south end charlotte to stay, then look no further.

There is always a first time for everything, and I personally embrace the challenge. I was not prepared to do the video shoot, but with my background in photography and filmmaking, I knew what shots that are needed to tell the story and keep it engaging.

The below tour provided by Nancy Braun was completely hand held shot with my iPhone 13 pro max in 4k resolution. Edited in Premiere Pro CC, and applied very limited color grading to keep the original tone. When you shoot in iPhone you can’t really push the footage too far, but I’m pleased with the final result.

As much I did justice to this Modern bungalow through my  Airbnb photography and the Airbnb video walkthrough tour that put the focus on the details of every space in this bungalow.