Airbnb Photography Detail Shots

Airbnb Photography detail shots are property dependent. Every host lovingly decorate their space. There are two types of detail shots when it comes to Airbnb photography.

  • Decors – Decors could be a nice plushy pillow, photo frame with beautiful sayings, nice floor mat, flower vase, etc. Rarely you might want to showcase these photos in your airbnb listings because, it will only look great when it is part of the composition with the space.
  • Functional Products/Features – Games, Keyless Entry, Smart Thermostat, Coffee maker, bread toaster, Special appliances, Outdoor string lights, Door Number, Bar setup etc.

99% of the time, what is useful to the guest is the functional product/features detail shots. The number of these shots can really be more, and It would not make me happy to say no to my clients, so recently have decided to charge $50 flat fee to cover up to 10-15 detail shots. Some of the examples of detail shots are below.