Airbnb Short Term Rental Photoshoot near Bojangles Stadium Ovens Auditorium

This is the first time ever I show up for a airbnb photoshoot and then I had to leave. Why did I leave?

This Airbnb short term rental 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom was super cute in so many aspects. Compact, yet had that nice luxury feel. Textures from the concrete floor caught my attention a lot. The lights that were shining through the windows while keeping those lamps on was a beautiful sight.

But the place was not nearly 100% ready for me to move forward.

The hosts were working hard to wrap up, but I just couldn’t continue with the shoot, because it would have helped me to get this out of my way but not the client.

So I did end up sharing my feedback and thoughts about how long this might take, and charged them a small inconvenience fee to come back later.

I know how hard every airbnb hosts work to make the space looks beautiful in all aspects for the guests experience. It is my mission to ensure that hosts hard-work reflects in the final photos. Every space is different in an Airbnb, and I did thoroughly enjoy this shoot, while having a great conversation with the host.

Was it worth it for the client and myself? Well, let the pictures do the talking.