Historical Home Airbnb Photography in Charlotte NC

I never know what type of home I walk into. All I know is, every Airbnb host passionately work on their house. It’s still a understatement for any normal home that’s being setup for the Airbnb. But then when you get a playground like this historical home that is full of character and textures, I can only imagine how much it triggers a airbnb host to go one step further.

Let me introduce you to this stunning Airbnb that brought a wow factor, a hidden gem that is amazing in every way which you would never think from the outside.

I was telling the Airbnb host that i do not do the Airbnb photos in a low angle based off of the host’s previous listing that wasn’t shot by me.

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But then, when I see a drama, I show drama. Also, the beds were low profile which forced me to go lower than I normally do.

I never felt comfortable leaving the dishwasher liquid in the sink, but in this shoot, I intentionally aligned it, because of that complete white profile, with the right balance, those colors were adding value to that shot

Let me talk about some of the things I loved witnessing in this Airbnb property photoshoot

  • Warm cozy feeling all over the house
  • That staircase. I can just stand there and look at every single step and appreciate the details
  • Kitchen tile work with the appliances, countertop quartz that makes the bar chairs pop. I had to tilt them a bit to show some perspective
  • I never felt this excited to take a photo of the laundry, because it’s the most boring places in any airbnb, but then, here that staircase brought life to that place
  • Bathrooms were super nice, and the vanity colors with the tile work absolutely deserved its own picture
  • The chandelier and the drop-in lights in the staircase was a great touch
  • Upstairs bedroom with 2 big size beds were well placed makes it a conversational bedroom. I wouldn’t close that door, because you would kill that staircase view

Isn’t it crazy that I talked more about that staircase over and over? Short term rental photoshoot like these excites me. I hope the photos excites you as well.