Makin’ Bacon Hog Heaven – Airbnb Real Estate Photography Charlotte NC

When you see a home, you instantly fall in love with it. That’s the kind of home this is. It’s possible that I find this shade of blue to be more appealing than others for the exterior. I’ve done a similar color scheme, which you can see in this plaza midwood airbnb photoshoot, and that is one of my favorite exteriors for the house I have shot. This Airbnb photoshoot inquiry came months ago, and I’ve been in touch with this host for a long time, and I was thrilled to finally make it to the shoot. While photographing this lovely short-term rental, I had a wonderful conversation with the host. I went way over my normal shooting time because I was having so much fun taking pictures of this Airbnb and talking with someone who shared my interests. I love good, meaningful conversations. I hope you like these pictures as much as I liked taking pictures of this cute Airbnb that was named Makin’ Bacon Hog Heaven.