Vacation Rental Property Photography Charlotte NC

This photoshoot was arranged through a real estate photography partner network in which I’m listed as the best real estate photographer. After arriving at the location, the Clients’ dissatisfaction with working with well-known photographers who aren’t real estate photographers was brought up throughout our conversation. The client has hired photographers several times before who didn’t meet his expectations. He shared a few photos from such shoots. It was low lit, had a poor composition, bad color casting, and the list goes on. 

When it comes to real estate photography, it is totally different than other styles of photography. Even more so when it comes to vacation rental photography. Attention to detail is required for each individual place. After witnessing the care I was putting on each shot, the client requested if I would be able to do one more property nearby. This particular property, he had taken 3 times so far. I obliged. We went to his other Airbnb property to take photos. Finally, here are the finished photos from this shoot.